10 Jul 2017



2 Feb 2017


 IVKO new 2017/18 Autumn/Winter collection

11 Jul 2016


Fashion boiling pot is steaming hot this summer. We have just got back from Berlin and Amsterdam where we have successfully presented IVKO’s new 2017 Spring/summer collection before numerous visitors of the prestigious international fairs that were held there.

The moment when the new collections are going to be available in stores is still far, so crème da la crème of all of the fashion industry is gathering to exchange valuable information and take a closer look at the exciting new collections of the forthcoming season. High-end designers, brands, retailers, media representatives and other significant professionals from the field are all there for the final retrospectives.

Ivko’s new collection is the combination experience, traditional care for details and creativity with the new technologies to produce an innovative and exciting pieces. We invite you to find beauty in the most unexpected places.

We are pleased to say that IVKO is setting the bar high once again in the world of fashion. After Germany and Netherlands, we will be present at the approaching trade shows. Week after week, you will be able to meet us at various locations across Europe and US. Keep an eye on our event schedule so that you don’t miss our next presentation. Come and be among the first to find out what we have prepared for the exciting 2017 spring summer season.

We’re looking forward to meeting you at our stands!



8 Dec 2015


Ivko has been continuously present in the Southeast Asia by distributing our brand to Hong Kong for the past several years. Now we have moved even further: to the Land of the Rising Sun.

We have just returned from our trip to Tokyo where we presented our winter collection on the prestigious Jupiter Shop Channel. With the powerful customer base of tens of millions of users, non-stop broadcast scheme and collaboration with the prominent international brands, JSC is most certainly the leading financial force in the fashion world of the region.

An hour long, in-detail presentation of our current collection selected items made an overwhelming impression on the viewers. Japanese consumers are known for their exquisite taste in fashion and uncompromising standards. Ivko's timeless quality, technical mastery and innovative design was warmly welcomed: we have enjoyed outstanding feedback including the fact that the majority of the items were sold out while we were still on the air.

We are sure that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

7 Dec 2015


While the first snow is still awaited in many parts of the Northern hemisphere, the warming up for the next year has already started for us. We are glad to inform you about the exclusive preview of Ivko's 2016/17 winter collection that took place in Belgrade last week. The successful presentation was held in the cozy and friendly atmosphere with the dozens of the most respected agents of the fashion world eagerly anticipating the first look into the pieces that we have carefully prepared for them to indulge.

To our satisfaction, Ivko's genuine approach that perfectly combines the best of tradition, craftsmanship and innovation once again accomplished to amaze the experts from the field.

You won't have to wait too long to see what we have been working on lately. Don't forget that the season of the best fashion industry fairs is approaching. Starting from January, throughout February and March, we will be showing the new collection in the different destinations worldwide.
In the meanwhile, you can sit back and enjoy the ride: our commitment to delivering the excellence to our customers is steering us all in the right direction.